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[Benjamin Fulford] 2017-08-14: US threats to North Korea linked to bankruptcy negotiations and global reboot

Below is the update from Benjamin Fulford for this week.

It is great to see that even Ben is supporting the idea of mass meditation during the solar eclipse next week. Here is what he wrote in the full version of the update.

"On a final note, many groups are calling for a mass meditation during the solar eclipse on August 21st. Since the current hybrid war going on is really about who controls the psychological process of deciding what humanity does in the future, a positive group think session might actually help. One does not have to be Hindu or Buddhist in order to practice meditation. People can instead take time to envision what sort of planet we would like to live in and what they can personally contribute towards making that happen."

A full version of this article will be published here on Thursday.



Notice to readers, due to time differences, this weeks’ report will appear by Monday evening North American East Coast time.

World events have been stuck in a holding pattern this summer but a major paradigm shift is possible this fall if we make it happen.

The holding pattern is as follows: The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATION, which defaulted on its debt payments on May 1st of this year, has been threatening war against North Korea as a negotiating tactic with its creditors. Its main creditor, China, has been calling the corporation’s bluff by promising to protect North Korea in the event it is unilaterally attacked. At the same time, the Chinese have been staging limited military actions on their border with India, reminding the Americans they have the technical ability to take over that 1.3 billion person country within a matter of months, if it came to war.

The Chinese have also said they will not protect North Korea in the event they strike the first blow. At the same time, the Russians and the Pentagon have informed the Israelis they will be attacked if they try to launch a nuclear missile from one of their submarines and make it look like North Korea did it, Pentagon and Russian FSB sources say. This has effectively checkmated any Khazarian mafia attempts to start World War 3 because any attempt to do so will affect only them. They are no longer able to fool us into starting a war.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

[Cobra] 2017-08-09: Unity Meditation Videos

Below is a new post from Cobra about the upcoming Unity Meditation on 21 August at 11:11 PDT, which is a very critical meditation for the planetary liberation.

We will be doing this together with people who follow Corey Goode.

Transcript of the PFC interview with Cobra and Corey for this meditation can be found in the link below:


A Facebook event for this meditation has been created, as at 12 August 12 am GMT there are more than 500 people that are looking to join us, and there are about 300 people on top of that interested to join us.


Corey has also created a short video to promote this meditation, and he will be doing this during his 'Eclipse of Disclosure' event at Mt. Shasta.


Information about this meditation can be found here:


Please join us in this meditation and help speeding up the process of planetary liberation and full disclosure.

Victory of the Light!  
Source: http://2012portal.blogspot.co.uk/2017/08/unity-meditation-videos.html
Unity Meditation videos have been created in many languages. Make them viral, spread them through your networks to assist in reaching the critical mass!

We need translations in additional languages. Please send the text of your translations to parlagisas777@gmail.com and videos will be created in your language and posted here.































Chinese (Traditional):




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[GaiaPortal] 2017-08-09: Messengers are recognized and communications commence in full

Below is the GaiaPortal message published on Wednesday:
Messengers are recognized and communications commence in full.

Flamboyants are eliminated.

Essentials are recognized.

Masters come forth from the Inner Depths.
I would interpret the message as follows:

- Messengers of the Light can be clearly identified by the public and they are now getting their messages to their audience . 

- Emotional triggers of each person are being removed. 

- Keys to planetary liberation are identified. 

- Masters of Light appear to everyone after completing their inner work.

Source: https://gaiaportal.wordpress.com/2017/08/09/messengers-are-recognized-and-communications-commence-in-full/

[Sphere Being Alliance] UPDATE SUMMARY - AUGUST 9, 2017

Below is a short update from Corey Goode on his own website. He has also posted this update in full on his Facebook page.

It is interesting to learn about the reports regarding US Special Forces and how the Western governments have been infiltrated even to the lowest level.

I have posted one-third of the full report here in compliance with Corey's request. The full report can be found in the links below:



Update Summary (Full update to come): I have recently had meetings with a highly placed contact. I met him in the FEMA Mass Casualties response course when I was still in the Texas State Guard. He stopped talking to me when I began Cosmic Disclosure. He suddenly contacted me again right after the elections had concluded. He shared a cluster of Intel with me before going dark again… Until now.

I had reported that there were teams of US Special Forces that were conducting “domestic surveillance and investigations” of a Satanic group that had infiltrated all aspects of government agencies and the military. These Special Forces teams have been in place since the middle of the election cycle.

He gave me this report about a week ago and contacted me again stating it was important to get some of it out to the public. I was informed that a secret report on how pervasive these infiltrations are is more shocking than what was expected. Strangely, this report also had notes from several secret grand juries that are active right now in D.C.

The report states that the conspiracy involves the majority of powerful people in within the UN, EU, US, State and local (City) power structures. These government organizations are completely complicit in what is going on all the way down to local Post Offices and Police Offices. I have to tell you, this was a very creepy report.

(Continue reading here)

FULL ARTICLE - Benjamin Fulford - 2017-08-07: Revolution to spread to Israel Japan and Middle East this autumn

Below is the full version of Benjamin Fulford's article for this week.

Notice to readers since I am on my holiday this report was written in advance.
The election of Donald Trump as President of the United States was a major step towards defeating the Khazarian mafia worldwide. However, the Trump presidency still represents an attempt to reform the old system rather than a true revolution. Trump has been keeping the United State of America Corporation afloat mainly with money extorted from Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other Middle Eastern oil sheikdoms along with funds looted from Japan and South Korea. The Chinese are also playing their part in keeping the old regime going because their huge structural trade surplus with the US gives them plenty of dollars to use to buy friends and influence people around the world. The Rothschild and other bloodline families who have been running the planet successfully co-opted the Chinese with bribes and flattery. The over $1 trillion Chinese one belt one road initiative is their reward for helping keep the old system afloat.
The Paris accords supported by 19 out of 20 G20 countries, for its part, was an attempt to keep the bloodline controlled IMF, World Bank, UN and other international institutions going by giving the Chinese greater voting rights at the expense of the US, even as they kept these institutions firmly under their control. The problem is that this reform is based on the fraudulent claim that carbon is causing global warming. It is not factually true.
It also leaves the old families firmly in charge. Remember, the people of the planet earth did not select the head of the UN, the IMF, the World Bank, the BIS etc. it was all done behind the scenes by the ruling families.
For sure the factions behind the Paris accord represent the moderate, non-genocidal group within the bloodline ruling structure, including the royal families of Europe. They were able to secure this accord with the help of the Asian royal bloodlines. Overall they mean well but they are simply not competent to deal with the ongoing systemic collapse of their economic system.
The current ruling class in the West is presiding over the largest mass extinction event since the dinosaurs were wiped out by a meteorite 65 million years ago. People of Europe and East Asia, the most productive on earth, are experiencing demographic collapse. Income disparity in the West is now higher than the levels that led to the collapse of the Roman empire.
To add insult to injury, the criminals behind 911, the destruction of countries like Iraq, Libya and Syria, Fukushima, the spreading of bio-weapons like SARS, Ebola, AIDS etc. have yet to be arrested or punished.
Furthermore, we are not seeing any jubilee or one time write off of debts. Nor are the seeing a redistribution of fraudulently obtained assets. This is especially clear in the case of the Lehman shock were documentary evidence proves the bloodline families created $23 trillion through fraud and used that money to buy up assets worldwide that had been turned into bargains by the financial collapse they had engineered. Why is that money not being confiscated?
Since the Lehman crisis the central banks have been carrying out so-called quantitative monetary easing. However, the vast sums being created as a result of this policy are being funneled only to financial companies controlled by Khazarian mafia honchos. They have not done things like put money directly into ordinary peoples’ personal bank accounts. That is why the quantitative easing has had the effect of increasing wealth disparity. Forensic analysis shows that most of the money flowed through about 700 individuals so, that means it is not the 1% but rather the 0.0000001% who has benefited from the money printing.
The reason for this is because the bloodline families still control the privately owned central banks for their own personal benefit, not for the benefit of the planet and its living beings. Donald Trump, who was put in power by the bloodline opposed gnostic illuminati, has not changed this because as president of the most indebted country in world history, he does not have the leverage needed.
Actually though, he does. Remember the saying “if you owe the bank $10,000, it is your problem but, if you owe the bank $1 million it is the banks’ problem.” It is a fact that the US Corporate government defaulted on May 3rd of this year when its wholly owned Puerto Rico subsidiary defaulted. And yet the Washington DC show is still going on.
That is because, as mentioned above the US corporations’ creditors like the Chinese, the Japanese, the South Koreans and the Middle Eastern oil producing companies are subsidizing its $700 billion a year losses (the size of the US trade deficit in 2016).
So, how can we change the situation? The first opportunity comes at the US Corporations’ September 30th fiscal payment deadline. Each year around that time, as the payment deadline approaches, we see all sorts of maneuvers. It will be no different this year and the US Corporate government seeks to roll over its payments past the deadline. This will mean threats of war, blackmail, extortion, begging, bluffing etc. In the news it will appears as threats of war with Russia, China, North Korea, Iran and anybody else who is not coughing up protection money. If these efforts succeed then events will continue along their kicking the can down the road trajectory. This will mean a continuation of the slow fall of living standards in the West that began in the late 1960’s.
The alternative is world revolution. This means physically occupying the BIS, the European Central Bank, the Federal Reserve Board, the Bank of Japan and other bloodline owned central banks.
This would make it theoretically possible to issue quadrillions of dollars to be used to finance an unprecedented campaign to end poverty, stop environmental destruction and expand out into the universe. Of course the families that own the private central banks have spent years vilifying such ideas with code words like “monetizing debt,” saying it will lead to inflation and irresponsible government spending. That may have been true in the past when certain decadent kings or corrupt governments tried their hand at such things.
However, stop and think for a minute. What does “monetizing debt” mean? It means turning debt into money. In other words it means ending debt slavery. Remember the debt owed to the central bankers is not legitimate. The bankers did not earn the money they lend to people and governments in the real world doing real things, they just put numbers in computers. So monetizing their debt simply means renouncing debt slavery.
Of course if you just printed out vast amounts of money, say by depositing a million dollars into every single bank account in a country, the result would be an inflationary orgy followed by a huge headache.
However, there are examples of government owned central banks that have created huge benefits.
Canada, from 1938 to 1973 used its government owned central bank to:
Pay for World War II
Build the canal system linking the great lakes to the Atlantic Ocean
Build the TransCanada Highway, the world’s longest,
Pay education costs
Pay health insurance costs
Finance public works
Pay for the military
This was all done without taxes or debt.
The Japanese military government before and during World War II also paid for its gigantic war effort mostly by using money created by a nationalized central bank. While I do not approve of the Japanese military regimes actions in China and elsewhere, the point I am making is that a huge enterprise like the attempted conquest of Asia was financed mainly by a government owned central bank.
If the Federal Reserve Board, the EU Central Bank and the Bank of Japan were nationalized then it would be possible to finance a quadrillion dollar campaign to end poverty, stop environmental destruction, finance immortality research, explore the universe etc. This is completely realistic and feasible.
This autumn will be our next chance to make this possible. The time for talk is over, it is time for action.

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101 Cintamani Locations ✡️ New Atlantis World Tour

Here is a very beautiful video created by a fellow Lightworkers and my dearest friend Arbre Solaire. The video is about how different Lightworkers around the world have contributed to the New Atlantis Project by burying Cintamani Stones at different locations.

More information about Cintaman Stones and how they are related to the New Atlantis project can be found here:




You can also help supporting this project by making donations and help sponsoring Lightworkers to bury more stones at key locations around the world.


If you have more beautiful photos that you would like to share, please free feel to contact Arbre Solaire via email at arbresolaire999@gmail.com

Victory of the Light!

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[Cobra] 2017-08-07: Joint Cobra / Corey Interview for the Unity Meditation

Below is a new post by Cobra about his interview with Corey Goode, of which the main topic is about the upcoming Unity Meditation on 21st August at the Total Solar Eclipse.

This post is published yesterday 7th August during the partial Lunar Eclipse, when many of us did the "Love Signal" meditation.


Personally, I think it was a great success. So let's keep the momentum and achieve an even bigger success in the solar eclipse meditation.

You might want to listen to this joint Cobra / Corey interview by Justin Deschamps and Prepare for Change:

A link to the transcript is posted here:


The Light forces have asked me to publish this interview right during the partial Lunar eclipse, which is happening now on a very powerful timeline node just 14 days prior to the total Solar eclipse, to strengthen the impact of the message for unity.

I have taken this photo of the Lunar eclipse less than 1 hour ago and you might feel its powerful energy:

Victory of the Light!